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2018 High School Formal | Prom: Do's and Don'ts ... Nail it!

Posted by Harper Sweden on

2018 High School Formal | Prom: Do's and Don'ts ... Nail it!

Please don’t wear a cummerbund! Although some fashionista’s have attempted to bring this item back it should really only be seen on an 80’s teen film in 2018. 

Be edgy, be unique and you can still find ways to stand out from the crowd but in a way that is both urban and current. A stylish bow tie and/or button style suspenders, a little hint of class from the Gatsby era is a good way to go. Your suit jacket is important but you will take it off shortly after entering the dining room when you sit down for your meal, so you still need an accessory to make you stand out as you blaze through the night. 

When you pick a suit, look at the small intricacies that set your suit apart. A slightly different lapel but still keep the width slim, be careful not to look like Tony Montana from Scarface aka mobster boss (before your time). Although ‘Scarface’ is still one of the finest gangster films ever made, you’re not the head of a drug cartel in Southern Florida, so please don't dress like one...have some class man!

School Formal Suit Brisbane

You want to look slick and sophisticated but be comfortable in your suit. The designer ‘Blade Sleeve Suit’ has small intricacies to make you stand out. A beautifully designed sleeve that splits down from the elbow to reveal a fused satin sheath. A little matching trim on the chest and waist pockets gives you a little edge to match your shirt and bow-tie. This suit is fitted/tapered with slightly shorter length than traditional suit jackets to create a contemporary style. In a world of sameness be different.  

School Formal Suit 2018


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