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5 Ideas for your Wedding Suit | Do's and Dont's

Posted by Harper Sweden on

5 Ideas for your Wedding Suit | Do's and Dont's

Don’t go mainstream! Everyone is wearing a suit at your wedding, you want to stand out, not too much, but enough to look like you’re the groom.

Tip 1. Go Boutique, whilst everyone has brought their suit from the 3 most common shops (you know who), you’ve gone for a classy little designer number that’s edgy and different.

Tip 2. Doesn’t have to be bespoke. Although bespoke tailoring makes you feel good, it doesn’t always make you stand out. Too often gents spend a lot of $$$ on a bespoke suit, but when you stand next to your best man in his well-made fitted charcoal suit that was bought online, you actually look identical, the only difference is that he didn’t spend $800 - $1200.

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Tip 3. Small intricacies make a big difference. A little difference in the lapel or a little trim on the pockets can help. The designer ‘Blade Sleeve Suit’ has glorious intricacies to make you stand apart. A beautifully designed sleeve that splits down from the elbow to reveal a fused satin sheath. Match it with a bow-tie and suspenders and your suit is on point.

Tip 4. Ensure the suit is fitted. Shoulders, Chest, Waist, Arm length and Pants length, they’re the main ones.You can buy online or off the rack but ensure you have a little tailoring done if the suit requires it.  Check out this size clip for more info.

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Tip 5. Be contemporary and edgy. Traditional suiting tended to have wider lapels, longer jacket length and broader fit. Try to stay slick and sophisticated on your big day. You can still ask the boys to wear button style suspenders if you want a little old school class, but do it with style!

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