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Deportment and Style Sessions for Teenage boys

Posted by Sanesh Prasad on

Deportment and Style Sessions for Teenage boys

Deportment and Style is an art that is becoming forgotten, however at RaVenClan where the dapper gentleman and good manners is still revered, we have created a short session to dedicated to helping teenage boys acquire these crucial skills.  

What we cover:

  •                 Introduction and Credentialing yourself
  •                 Approaching businesses for employment
  •                 What to wear for job interviews
  •                 Style and School Formals
  •                 How to measure yourself for a suit

In the business world, we know that most first impressions are formulated in the first 7 seconds and tend to be quite stable. Style, clothing, posture, body language etc all contribute to the surprising quick and lasting effect of a person’s first impression.

In a changing world of technology, we are aware of the different methods to try and get your first job. We cover successful methods and what to wear for a job interview.

On the topic of ‘style’ we cover school formals and how to stand out in this important milestone.

Suits are the armour of any dapper gent. We cover the crucial measurements needed to getting a good fit.

Please contact us for more information about the sessions and availability.

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